SmileLab Teeth Whitening Treatment

Combining SmileLab’s whitening gel and Cool LED light technology, this treatment typically brightens teeth 2–6 shades. For each application, you will sit under our Cool LED light, which will enhance the effects of the whitening gel. Sessions are 15 minutes, and can be done on the same day or spread out.

1. SmileLABS Peroxide-based Whitening Gel; it’s a specifically formulated photosensitive professional whitening bleach to deliver the maximum bright whitening results in the shortest amount of time.
2. Our Signature Applia System; it’s the teeth whitening system that places the teeth whitening gel in direct contact with the teeth, while keeping the gums, lips, and cheeks free of gel contact so there are no gingival irritation or sensitivity issues.
3. The Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light; the light accelerates the whitening process by activating the photosensitive teeth whitening gel.

Teeth Whitening Pricing

This service is only available through professionals. The cost is $200 for (3) 15 minutes sessions. The max amount of time is 30 minutes (2) 15 minute sessions in one day. A follow up touch-up can be performed two weeks later. Every client will receive an impression tray with their package that they must return with in order to receive their follow up treatment at the next appointment. It’s simple, affordable, and safe. SmileLABS teeth whitening treatment is considered by industry insiders to be the best. The more treatments a person does, the whiter the teeth get.

  • 3 (15) minute sessions $200