Laser Facial in Atlanta, GA       

The YAG laser facial is a zero-downtime, collagen-boosting treatment that not only tightens and lifts skin, but it also zaps irregularities such as rosacea, pigmented lesions, active acne, scarring, melasma, discoloration and unsightly capillaries.

These 30-minute sessions are recommended in a series of 3 to 6 treatments, about one month apart depending on the severity of skin condition. Patients experience a warming sensation similar to a hot stone massage and sometimes a slight stinging sensation when the laser eliminates an impurity or irregularity. To combat flushed skin after treatment the SmartCool air-cooling system is used in conjunction with a crystal fiber mask (for facial treatment).

Laser Facial Pricing

Laser Facial Acne Treatment: 1 for $250 or 3 for $600
This treatment can be performed alone or in conjunction with a full facial treatment. The Laser Facial is recommended for grades 2 & 3 acne (painful acne) – Consultation required.
Sun Damage Treatment: 1 for $350 or 3 for $900