Bio-C Chemical Peel

Bio-C provides patients with preventative action against premature skin aging with powerful toning and luminosity effects. It is a gentle, “zero down time” chemical peel that infuses polyhydroxy acids, alphahyroxy acids, and Vitamins to give the skin an instant uplift in tone and texture. Some patients refer to this treatment as the “Hollywood Glow”; we take great pride in knowing that our Bio-C treatment is used on celebrities to prep them for their red carpet appearances. The glow system does exactly what the name states; it leaves the skin radiating for up to several weeks.

What is in the Bio-C Treatment?

The BIO-C peel is a highly superficial peel that helps improve the tone and texture of the skin. It is a two-step peel that infuses gentle acids with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The gentle combination of acids makes this peel a “no downtime” peel as long as the step 1 solution is left on the skin for less than 5 minutes. (Disclosure: if the Step 1 Solution is left on the skin more than 5 minutes before it is neutralized it may cause mild erythema).

How Often Can I Receive the Bio-C Treatment?

For best results we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, spaced 14 to 21 days apart. This treatment is gentle enough to be done once a week, however we want to be cautious and let the clients know that once a week is not ideal for sensitive skin types.