Anti-Aging Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Blue Divine offers a series of serum-based, anti-aging solutions to target your specific stage of skin aging. Each stage targets a specific face in the skin aging process. Each stage offers a highly concentrated anti-aging treatment tailored specifically for your skin. There are 4 Sequences in this Anti-aging and lifting and toning series. All of the series include an energizing massage on the face, neck, and decollette. This includes a Nu-face micro-current, 15 minute facial lifting and toning exercise. You can even add-on a micro-infusion to target aging around the eyes and mouth to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and enhance results with collagen induction therapy.

Stages I-VI of the Anti-Aging Sequence

This treatment has been formulated to respond to stage I aging symptoms.  A powerful, micronized and stable form of vitamin C enhances skin luminosity and infuses the skin with antioxidants through a unique energizing massage technique.

This treatment has been formulated to respond to Stage II aging symptoms. Instant plumping and volumizing action boosts tightening and firming of the skin with an exclusive firming massage technique.

This treatment has been formulated to respond to Stage III aging symptoms. Active stem cells penetrate deep within the skin to promote active cell renewal, repair and regeneration.

This anti-aging solution has been formulated to respond to Stage IV aging symptoms. This treatment initiates recovery of the most severely damaged skin types. This is stimulated by a complex blend of peptides, vitamins and bio-elements.

Book an Anti-Aging Series Consultation!

We suggest a consultation with an aesthetician to determine what stage of the anti-aging process you are in. A skin analysis will be performed by one of our aestheticians during your consultation to determine the best series for you.